Updating certifier id entry not found in

Expired IDs must be recertified because the users will not be able to authenticate with any servers.The error shown during the login attempt is the following: Open Domino Administrator, type the Administrator password and click Log In button.For example, if an administrator (John May/Acme) will reset password of a user (Mary Jane/Acme), there should be a cross-certification document (O=Acme There were two matches in the address book.

updating certifier id entry not found in-10

Probably we made a mistake while dealing with the SSO issue.

Sometime in the past 4 months, someone has re-certified the certifier ID.

We do have a copy of the original and have tried to resolve this issue.

You can always try to replace the public key in the certificate entry for that certifier with the new public key on the certifier.

It can't hurt anything at this point, and it may work. t think it will but there is an outside chance that it will.

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