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These are representative of what was running at the time and are mostly from the Authors personal experience having driven Loco hauled trains in the area at the time and the period shortly after this Timetable, although the times have been altered to fit in with the 1987/8 timings.The stock in use at the time for the passengers was the Southern Region 1963 stock, VEPs, CEPs, BIGs etc., in 4, 8 or 12 car formations.However, there are some loco-hauled trains hauled by the Class 33 and the 73 Electro Diesels.Even the Class 37s make an appearance on some freight duties.

Some parts of the layout may have changed but the general station layout should be ok if it was remodelled in 1909.To include these services I have "moved" the junction on to the Up South line past Worting Junc and slightly amended the timings. In 1909 there was no connection via sig 239 from the GWR, the platforms being dead-end with a run around from platform 7 to platform 8.Therefore there are no through trains depicted here via this route, it has only been used for run arounds on the Reading trains. All other locomotives for the GW shed and yards travel via platforms 5 or 4, and through freights to GW usually using platform 5.Best of all, though, is the wide range of steam traction to be seen at work on passenger and freight services.Relive the days of the West Countries, LBSC tanks, King Arthurs, Brighton Atlantics, and many more.

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