Sexy senior chatters

“From then on, it was ‘Madonna’s Hole,’ ‘Madonna’s Hole.’ Suddenly, we’re just of the bidders.At Hole’s next show, thirteen A&R people were there!She gave lots of interviews and the notoriously fickle British music magazines, who adored her grunge-rock sound and her torn thirties tea dresses, proclaimed her their new genius.“The British tabloids called me ‘leggy’ and ‘stunning,’ ” she recalls. It had a really big picture of me as a blonde and a really small picture of her as a brunette.

“No one can get a seat on a plane to Seattle or Portland now,” says Ed Rosenblatt, president of Geffen Records, Nirvana’s label.

She’s nearly always late, and not just ten, fifteen minutes late, but usually more like an hour past the time she’s said she’ll be someplace.

She’s late for band rehearsals, she was late when she used to strip, she was even an hour late for a meeting with a record-company executive who wanted to sign her band, Hole. She assumes that they will forgive her as they stare at the clock and stare at the door and wonder where the hell she is. Until they can’t stand it anymore and then they get mad, fed up, and move on.

“Slit me open and suck my scars,” she sings about sex.

“Don’t worry baby, you will never stink so bad again,” she intones about a botched abortion.

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