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When he’s not working or assisting the police, Gus helps his friend Beatice Vossenheimer expose fake psychics with the help of Beatrice’s 82-year-old secretary, and tries to evade Bridget Mulroney, the police PR liaison who has decided to interpret his disinterest in her as a challenge.

This well-plotted series opener features interesting characters, witty banter, and a vivid setting.

Alan fell to his death from the tower of his home, and the letter prompts the police to rule his death a suicide.

But when Susan can’t find any trace of the missing final chapter in Alan’s study or on his computer, she begins to wonder if he has been killed.

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Carmen wasn’t the cause of Tom’s divorce, and has a cordial relationship with his ex-wife Laura.Days later Zena’s body washed ashore, miles from the cottage, a presumed victim of the undertow that made that section of the beach hazardous.A chance encounter with a local while Carmen is buying supplies for the bungalow causes her to reconsider her belief that Zena’s death was an accident.Meg is furious that her mother has deserted both her and Edgar.The 40th Anniversary edition of is due out soon, and Asa convinces Meg to write a tell-all memoir about her mother and the novel that destroyed Dorothy Kitchens and her family.

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