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And in addition to watching the fate of the love triangle, viewers will have the opportunity to follow the journey of a new osprey generation. Looks like Sonja is going to get some action of her own tonight! Barths Online takes you inside the Dunes luxury villa where the girls stayed on their glamorous trip to the Island of St. The 16,000 sq ft Villa Dunes offers the ultimate in luxury. Barts with three-month-old Blue Ivy over the weekend, and took the tot for a day trip on a yacht. Today the pres­ti­gious and top-class Caribbean sail­ing regatta Les Voiles de St. This video features the 2012 St Barths Bucket Regatta and music by the Evan Goodrow Band. This video features the beautiful 141 ft sailing yacht, The Rebecca. The Jimmy Choo co-founder showed off her toned figure in a sexy animal-print bikini as she hit the beach with her daughter in St Barts yesterday.The camp is well-known for summer classes begun by Roger Tory Peterson, the artist who popularized bird-watching with his field guides, and for such visitors as author Rachel Carson.Carson’s book, "Silent Spring," played a key role in the eradication of DDT, a harmful pesticide banned in the U. in 1971, allowing the then-threatened osprey population to recover.“To protect yourself, change any default password to something more secure,” he tells Us.

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Whether it's villa Dunes or another nice house like villa Au Soleil or villa Eden Island. RHONY continue to sizzle on the island of St barths. Looks like Sonja is going to get some action of her own tonight! Barths is a "fabulous, sexy, live in the moment place". It is too early to know how the events of this week will play out, but one thing for certain is that the live cameras are giving us an opportunity to witness details of osprey family life rarely seen before.” In Rachel and Steve’s nest, it’s a female — who viewers have nicknamed Trudy, short for Intruder (pictured at right) — who moved in, chased off Rachel for several days and mated with Steve.“If Rachel, the established female from 2012, stays away, Trudy will probably settle in,” says Kress, who is Audubon vice president for bird conservation and director of Project Puffin.And thanks to an overt display of ruffled feathers and flapping wings, viewers have dubbed the entire situation “The Real Housewives of Hog Island.” For the birds As part of a continued partnership between and the National Audubon Society, viewers from around the world will be able to watch the drama unfold via HD live cam as Rachel, Steve and Trudy sort out their relationships, bring chicks into the world, and feed them until they fly.Ornithologists are equally excited about the live cam because, as Kress notes, “our ability to take photos and archive them gives us an ability to see things that we had no way of knowing.

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