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March 19, 2007 AM Mathijs Panhuijsen points out: I wanted to replace the battery in my clunky old Nokia phone, and I had a lot of trouble with opening the back cover (which is a whole Thisis Broken topic in itself).To find out how to open the back cover, I go to the Nokia site to find my phone's user manual.However, I've had this phone for so long that I don't remember the model number (there are about 100 to choose from, mostly identified only by a meaningless alphanumeric string).Luckily, there is a handy link: "Find your phone's model number," which pops up, an instruction to open the back cover of your phone and check the model number on the label inside. The model number should also be available somewhere on the exterior of the phone or somewhere in the menu.Why on earth would a company ever label a temperature selection "scalding?" April 3, 2007 AM Steve Jackson writes in: On my new mattress pad there are two tags with washing instructions: Machine Wash Warm and Machine Wash Cold Using two tags to explain what can be done on one is just inefficient; providing different directions is just plain broken.Looking carefully I saw that there had been an effort to re-seal some of the boxes with scotch tape, but that too had failed to keep their lids closed.Vector should re-design their packages so they stay closed when hanging or they should require that the product be placed on a shelf instead of being hung on a rack.

First of all, if I'm trying to sleep, why would I want caffeine?Our mature members could be your teacher, a mature student, librarian, or even a neighbor in your city.Members post photos and videos of themselves performing sexual acts with partners or masturbating by themselves.March 29, 2007 AM Kenneth Brody writes in: Below are three images from a box of Kix cereal on our shelf.On the front of the box it says "Save .00 on select DVDs - see side panel for details." So I check the side of box and find the text - "See back for details." I then looked at the back of the box and found the text - "See side for details." So now I know that the front and back both say "see side for details." I checked the last side of the box and found the text - "see back for details." Other than "priced .99 or higher" on the side, I see no additional "details" to tell me on which "select DVDs" I can use the coupon.

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