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One is that this technology can be used to help people keep track of their pets.

Small GPS tracking chips for dogs could be implanted somewhere under the skin on the back of the dog and if coupled with the right technology this could provide real time GPS tracking of the pet’s whereabouts on a 24/7 basis.

While its trackers were generally advertised as water-resistant—they can withstand plenty of sweat and the occasional spill—wearers were advised against wearing a Fitbit for a shower, let alone a marathon ocean swim.

That all changed Monday as Fitbit launched its new Flex 2, the brand’s first “swim-proof” tracker.

But before we get into all the cool future stuff, let’s understand a little bit about the GPS chips that Rankon is putting out there.

These are powerful chips that function at some of the highest levels in the consumer grade GPS tracking products.

I know this may be old news to some of the GPS enthusiasts of the world, but there is this company from New Zealand that is making some really ridiculously small GPS tracking chips – and I mean ridiculously small.

Today there are watches, which are much smaller than cell phones, that have the ability to make phone calls over the wireless networks that dot the countrysides of the world.This type of technology would also make these GPS tracking chips for children too.In fact, it would probably enable a future society to be able to know the exact location of every person in the world at the exact same time!I can only see this technology getting smaller and smaller too until one day it fits within a 2.5 mm x 2 mm space.The next technology that would be needed will be some sort of power supply that is renewable and persistent.

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